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WELCOME TO Avian Behavior Lab

An immersive online learning site powered by Avian Behavior International designed to further your practice with animal behavior and training. From courses to memberships, web classes and webinars, this laboratory is designed for animal lovers and trainers to level up their understanding of positive reinforcement strategies for behavior challenges and aspirations.

“I was fortunate to attend a workshop at Avian Behavior International in 2018. The instructors were educated, compassionate and skilled animal professionals, and excellent educators. It was the perfect setting to work on/acquire new skills in a safe, supportive environment. It’s also a unique opportunity to work with a wide variety of bird species and hoofstock. I look forward to attending many more ABI workshops in the future!!”

— Jennifer Michelle Phillips, Professional Animal Trainer

The best kind of training is the training you do.

A memberships to the Avian Behavior Lab provides a community focused on in-depth animal training and behavior. Our program is a community built for animal lovers to build skills and provide supportive feedback so that we all become better learners and doers. This group offers incredible tools to enrich their lives with animals:

  • Inspiration through a steady stream of videos of our extensive daily training regimen with Q&As
  • Step-by-step instructions in our self-guided courses
  • Encompasses a wide range of animals– including parrot owners, bird of prey trainers, farm animals, domestic animals and exotics.
  • Positive reinforcement based solutions for problem behaviors
  • Web classes with Q&A for a wide ranging array of topics, offered live and on-demand webinars and courses that go deep on specific behavior subjects

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