Course Category: Enrichment

Bringing Home a New Bird

bringing home new parrots

If you are considering bringing a new bird home or adding to your already existing flock, this course is for you! It covers concepts of…

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Enrichment Safety

Enrichment Safety Course

Enrichment is very important when owning or working with animals. There is no such thing as a perfectly safe example of enrichment, for animal or…

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The Hormonal Parrot

hormonal cockatoo

Recorded webinar covering some management strategies that take into account parrot ethology as well as positive reinforcement based training techniques to help you deal with seasonal behavior and why reproductive based behavior can last year around.

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Trick Training

Ever thought about training fun behaviors with your bird? This course is an ever growing resource for trick behaviors to train your animal!

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Teach Your Bird to Play

Teach your parrot how to play

If your bird doesn’t know how to play, has difficulty engaging with enrichment, screams from boredom, destroys its feathers, every time you leave the room, or even if you turn your head, this is the course for you! Learn how to keep your bird busy starting with foraging.

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