Course Category: Fear and Aggression

Lesson 4: Functionally Addressing Food Bowl Aggression

Discovering the functional consequence to the problem behavior and understanding why your bird often wants two results from the same behavior doesn’t have to be complicated. This lesson shows one entire shaping session in its entirety and we get the job done! Learn how to use negative reinforcement the right way.

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Lesson 3: A Topical Solution

In this lesson, we discuss how to use differential reinforcement for a pragmatic solution. We also discuss why it’s important to go beyond stationing in order to achieve long term success.

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Lesson 2: What Makes Food Bowl Aggression Worse?

Using aversives to help us achieve food bowl management will almost definitely make our problem worse, and not just at the feeding station. When we make our presence more stressful, we cause a lot more problems for relationship.

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Lesson 1: What is Food Bowl Aggression?

What is food bowl aggression and why do we say that this problem doesn’t exist on its own? Discover why this problem deserves an entire course and why labels like territoriality and possessiveness complicate the issue

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Food Bowl Aggression

Food bowl aggression is a behavior that often indicates a larger issue in the way that we interact with our birds. In this course, we discuss whether or not this is territorial or possessive behavior, why using aversives doesn’t work, how to use differential reinforcement and stationing for a fast solution, and how to use the non linear contingency analysis and non coercive negative reinforcement shaping to find a sustainable long term solution.

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Lesson 5: Training for normal

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