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Parrot Behavior Enthusiasts

Dive into our latest articles and tips on understanding and nurturing parrot behavior.

Professional Bird Trainers

Join the Avian Behavior Lab FREE! Get instant access to over 100 hours of step-by-step on-demand immersive courses, live training, and a supportive community that will level up your animal training game. Whether you're an experienced animal trainer, a seasoned pro or even if you're just starting out, you'll always know exactly what to work on thanks to our extensive course library. 

Local Events & Discounts

Discover upcoming local events and exclusive discounts in your area. You can visit our birds, including owls, hawks, falcons, eagles, and so much more, at our farm in San Diego and book our guided interactive experience with the birds and a licensed falconer and watch them fly and play. 

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"I have become a more confident trainer with more and better tools at my disposal for training. Also meeting other trainers and making new bird friends to share ideas with. I think anyone who attends the ABI workshop, despite their current skill-level or experience will walk away a better trainer. Amazing birds, amazing people and great training/learning.” 

- Kevin

I am still floating from the magical experience with you and the birds.  I keep thinking about how you’ve planned and choreographed each part of the experience. I can still feel the barn owl’s feathers grazing my head.  I want to come back!  You are doing important, meaningful work.  THANK YOU. 

- Carrie

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