Who we are

The importance of knowing where your animal behavior information comes from cannot be understated. The experience here at Avian Behavior Lab comes from years as a professional behavior consultant for zoos and companion animal owners around the world, managing a training organization, and living with and training animals just like you.


Avian Behavior Lab is dedicated to online learning based on our work at our training center at Avian Behavior International in gorgeous San Diego county, California. Founded by Hillary Hankey as a way to connect people with animals through progressive training skills, Hillary wanted ABI to an incubator for ideas and a safe place for creativity in training to be fostered.

Hillary’s vision with Avian Behavior Lab is to create a community where animal lovers and behavior nerds can build their skills and find the best information to answer some of the most troubling problems. The Lab is a resource center that offers sustainable solutions for complex issues that face parrot owners with biting birds, animal trainers that want to train their ambassadors husbandry behaviors in addition to their interpretive behaviors, and helps solve animal behavior problems large and small.

This lab encompasses more than just parrot owners and zoo professionals. Scheduled training topics, free resources and more can also be transferred over to domestic pets and farm animals of all sizes. Learn from Hillary’s extensive equine background and farm animal experience to help live a better life with all the animals in your care.

To accomplish the kind of experience at the San Diego ranch with all kinds of animals working together in harmony that celebrates the human-animal connection, Hillary had dreamed of, she knew she needed a team of extraordinary trainers. They bring to the Lab their experience, wisdom, innovation, enthusiasm, and creativity to the courses and membership that is necessary to share ideas and training concepts that push the envelope as we enter new territory in animal enrichment and welfare.

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A membership is a fantastic way to level up your animal care game

Here’s WHAT YOU get…


Learn how to rewire your brain for a positive reinforcement based mindset to conquer any animal behavior problem.

Live Feeds

Join our live streaming web classes on parrot screaming, raptor hooding, crating, stationing, building independence, and office hours for Q&A’s and in depth explorations.

Good reads!

Downloadable goodies, from behavior plans to training challenges and enrichment lists.

Problem solving

From budgies to hawks to horses, we provide step by step help and share behavior challenges and wins. The extensive interactive community forum and webinars will inspire solutions through some of your toughest obstacles.

Tons of bonuses

Conversations with other experts, daily training videos, book reviews, discounted private consultations, case studies, a private forum, and lots and lots of animal content.

Just birds?

It’s true, we are bird trainers, and we focus on birds of all kinds. We also train dogs, farm animals, cats, and many other critters!

Is this for me?

As an animal lover, do any of these sound like you in your search for behavior solutions:

  • I am devastated my bird doesn’t like me. I don’t understand what I did wrong.
  • I wish I had a steady flow of ideas to improve and enrich my parrot’s environment. Sometimes I am just so tired, and I feel bad.
  • I leave conferences and workshops filled with inspirations and motivation, but the feeling fades after a couple weeks back in the grind of everyday life.
  • I want to understand how to train birds of prey with progressive weight management techniques.
  • I have watched hundreds of videos and nothing applies to me.
  • I want a relationship with my bird that works and the biting and screaming to stop.
  • There are so many voices on the internet in forums and groups, I don’t know who to turn to or which advice is worth paying attention to.

Are you ready to elevate your life with positive reinforcement and get the relationship with animals you envision?

Have you asked for behavior advice for your parrot and just can’t get anything to work? The professional training and consulting experience behind Avian Behavior Lab has proven results to provide sustainable solutions for challenging behavior problems and intricate training programs. How do you know which membership level is best for you? Don’t fret, my pet. Keep reading, we’ve got you covered!

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Specialized classes for training challenges

  • Topics from training challenging animal ambassadors to raising conservation pros
  • Positive reinforcement based training for beginners and expert levels
  • Innovative techniques and behavior solutions
  • Excellent for training enthusiasts, wildlife rehabilitators, education facilities, and larger zoos
  • Masterclasses are open for a limited time










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Basic Membership



Companion Animal Behavior and Training

  • Free courses
  • Live streamed and recorded web classes on behavior, enrichment, and training especially for the parrot lover in mind
  • Forum with a video library and behavior and training discussions on companion parrots and domestic animals
  • Force free training topics on farm and domestic animals
  • Monthly office hours for live Q&A
  • Access to experts through live streamed events
  • 25% Discounts for Masterclasses and private behavior consultations

Save on an Annual Membership at only $210

* Use coupon code TEN for a 10 day $3 trial membership for Annual Members





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Premium Membership



For advanced and professional animal trainers

  • Behavior and training topics includes basic membership and dives deeper into birds of prey, corvids, toucans, hornbills, vultures, and more!!
  • Live streamed and recorded web classes on enrichment, behavior and training
  • Access to experts through live streamed events
  • Forum with a video library and behavior and training discussions, including in depth discourse on complex behavior topics
  • Encompasses a wide range of animals– including farm animals, domestic animals and exotics
  • Twice monthly office hours for live Q&A
  • 35% Discounts on Masterclasses and private behavior consultations
  • 20% Discount on live workshops

Save on an Annual Membership at only $270 

* Use coupon code TEN for a 10 day $3 trial membership for Annual Members

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Check out our Money Back Guarantee for Annual and Masterclass purchases


Do you have courses I can purchase?

We are regularly adding to our course library, but at this moment, we have courses available only to our members included in their membership. The Masterclasses can be purchased separately

Is a consultant available for a private session?

Members will have access to discounted private consultations.

Do you only train birds?

We specialize in training birds, as it alludes to in the name Avian Behavior. However, we also have mammals and reptiles on the ranch, and we have consulted and worked with many mammalian species professionally.

How often do you update the material?

We are constantly adding new courses, webinars and web classes,  and the membership material is a steady flow of new content. The forum is an incredible community where members can submit media and we will be regularly uploading our training sessions and academic breakdown.

How do I cancel my membership?

We have full set of terms and conditions. There is a 30-day Money Back guarantee for annual members and masterclass students, and a monthly members can terminate their membership, and the membership will end in the month they canceled.

Are Masterclasses included in the membership?

Masterclasses can be purchased separately or by members at a discount. They are not included in the membership.

Which membership is best for training farm animals?

For basic training and beginner fundamentals, the basic membership would work great. If you are more skilled and are looking for more advanced behaviors for your farm animals, like working with multiple animals at once, and so much more, the premium membership would work best.

Can I submit my own videos?

Yes! Our community forum is top of the line, and members can submit their own videos for feedback and discussion of behavior topics.

I have budgies, cockatiels, and conures. Which is the best membership for me?

Our Basic Membership focuses on parrot behavior solutions, training, and care. We have many members with smaller birds that contribute regularly and get feedback. We also have a Cockatiel Program in the forums that goes into great depth on our foster cockatiels, and we regularly train our budgies.

If you are looking for community, feedback, advice, and support for your birds, that is a great place to start. For more in-depth behavior advice and bigger discounts on our suite of services, the Premium Membership has much to offer for all.