Parrot Specialist

Parrot specialist badge

Parrot Specialist

2000 Badge Points

The Parrot Specialist badge is awarded when the member has completed the parrot specialist training courses to enhance their understanding and work with parrots. This track is designed to will increase the quality of life of parrots in their daily routines and give the trainer new ways to build positive relationships with their birds as well as assist those looking to share their skills with other companion parrot people.

To complete this track, members need to complete the following courses. Some tracks are broken up into Tiers. Tiers 2 & 3 represent more advanced courses. Once completed, submit the form so that our team can review and issue your badge.


Requirements for Tier 1:

Requirements for Tier 2:

Download the Checklist:

Use this checklist to keep track of trainings that you have completed. Click Here to Download

Submit for Review:

Once completed, submit the form to request that our team review and issue your badge.