Many of us animal lovers are at different places in our journey with our companions.

- Maybe we've brought our new parrot home and the honeymoon period is over, and we aren't sure what to do next.

- For some of us, our parrots' screaming is destroying home life, but we can't get our bird to stop, much less play with toys or even step up.

- Others of us have had our budgies for years or a rehomed small parrot and desperately want to connect but have no idea where to start.

- Some animal lovers have heard about positive reinforcement but aren't sure what that means or what we are doing wrong.

- And still others have worked with animals for years and dealt with challenges, consulted videos and other professionals, read forum advice, and are still just as confused and frustrated as when we started.


The Avian Behavior Lab is a comprehensive membership site that provides an extension of ABI's companion parrot consulting practice that has spanned over a decade. This includes dozens of parrot species from all kinds of backgrounds in homes with every experience level imaginable.


Our courses feature topics like hormonal behavior, biting, screaming, possessive behavior, over-bonding, and so much more.


Basic Members have a 25% discount for all Masterclasses and private consultations through Avian Behavior International.


Basic Members can connect with each other as well as ask questions about their parrots' behavior, environment, and even diet questions. Basic Members also have access to topics about other domestic animal behavior and training.


Scheduled events will be featured in advance on the member calendar so you won't miss a live webinar and and can have your questions prepared for the Q&A call.


Optional training challenges that will inspire you to learn more about your companions, whether you work with parrots, dogs, or even horses!


Special articles, checklists, and behavior protocol forms just for members.

So who are we, in a day and age when anyone can be a parrot YouTuber or influencer? ABI owner Hillary Hankey has been living with and training birds since she was in junior high (1990!), going to parrot clubs and expos before she could drive. As a professional, she has worked for zoos, educational organizations, breeders, conservation organizations, and animal training companies. She has changed people's lives with her years of experience as a behavior consultant, helping to keep parrots in their homes by bringing a practical understanding of positive reinforcement to companion parrot owners.

Hillary started Avian Behavior International to meld her love of conservation education with positive reinforcement training to reach people on a deeper level.

The Lab is a way for ABI to reach people around the world to enhance our coexistence with the animals in our care.


The Basic Membership is for companion parrot owners and animal lovers to reach expert advice on demand. Members have access to a community forum where they don't have to question the motive or the background of the information source. The Lab is designed specifically by experts who want to help animal lovers. Experts who want to inspire animal lovers. And experts who want to connect with animal lovers. Don't miss out on the conversations. Join us today.

Now for just $3, you can try out an Annual Membership for 10 days with the coupon code TEN.

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30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

When you join The Lab, you're fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't feel like you've received value and decide you want to cancel any time within the next 30 days, just let me know, and I'll send you a prompt refund. No hassles, headaches, or hoops to jump through.

Have questions?

Here are some of our commonly asked questions.

I do not know much about behavior or training. Will I be lost?

This membership is designed for animal lovers of all experience levels and backgrounds. We have some great resources for people without a lot of time, but want to learn more about their beloved companions, as well as for those that really want to dig in and be a part of a community.

Do you work with budgies and other small parrots?

Yes! We have consulted with everything from budgies, parrotlets, and cockatiels to macaws. Our upcoming coursework and forum topics will include the small psittacines as well. They respond to these training methods in the same way.

My bird is very old. Can he still benefit from new techniques?

Absolutely! We have worked with 40 year old Amazon parrots, 20 year old cockatoos, and so much more. Exactly what you will learn is that changing what your parrot gets out of the behavior it engages in will help it choose the mutually beneficial ones over the ones that create stress for everyone.

I work with handicapped birds. Can they still be trained?

Indeed. Handicapped birds can have their lives enriched and make choices with positive reinforcement based training just like non-handicapped birds. They can also engage in problem behaviors like birds without disabilities, so working with them to allow choices and replace problem behaviors with mutually beneficial behaviors is very important for their welfare.

Do you teach people to free fly their parrots?

We do not. This membership site is not designed for free flight training for companion parrots, and we strongly believe that anyone wishing to engage in that activity should familiarize themselves with the incredible amount of risk they are putting their friends in. Free flight takes a lot of time and a lot of experience to keep birds safe, and in our opinion should be undertaken with an in-person mentor, like falconry requires.

Can we get a private behavior consultation?

Basic Members get a 15% discount on private behavior consultations!

How often do you update the material?

We are available daily on the community forum for feedback. The courses will be added regularly, and the calendar will show when we have scheduled calls and classes.

How do I cancel?

For annual members, we have a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can cancel at any time during the first 30 days, and get your pro-rated amount back, no questions asked! Monthly members can cancel at any time during their subscription and their membership will terminate at the end of the month. Our full set of terms and conditions and our privacy policy is here.

Ready to begin?


From articles to courses, live classes and Q&A's, this community is all about sharing in as many ways as we can to provide you with tools to maximize you and your animal’s potential.


The community forum has dozens of topics that offer you a wonderful medium to ask questions and follow along other members' journeys as we explore our training pathways.


Unlike social media platforms, our community is carefully moderated by paid positive reinforcement trained professionals who strongly believe in the best way to level up each of us. By setting an example of honest communication, integrity, and accountability, you can be assured that there is no such thing as a stupid question and there is no tolerance for bullying.

I have learned much from your webinars and the "classes" you put on the website. It makes me feel better that I am not alone in rearing our feathered babies with too much love and affection. Well, my 27 yr old Goffin still pulls out all her feathers but has reduced her screaming. Those are my two big issues with her. Sunny reduced her screaming at nite. Prior to this, she woke up about 10PM and screamed for 30 minutes. I ignored those screams but drove my mate crazy! Also, reduced her morning wake up screaming. Yay!

Gloria S., Basic Member

The importance of knowing where your animal behavior information comes from cannot be understated. The experience here at Avian Behavior Lab comes from years as a professional behavior consultant for zoos and companion animal owners around the world, managing a training organization, and living with and training animals just like you.

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