Unlock Success with Our Comprehensive TraininG Program Roadmap

Revolutionize Your Animal Care Facility with Effective Training Strategies.

"I have become a more confident trainer with more and better tools at my disposal for training." - Kevin

Are you a facility owner or part of a non-profit organization in the field of animal care? Do you want to maximize your team's efficiency, enhance animal well-being, and achieve your goals?

Revolutionize Your Animal Care Facility with Effective Training Strategies

If you are:
- Struggling to find time to train your animal caregivers effectively
- Feel overwhelmed by the demands of managing a facility while trying to provide the best care for your animals
- Facing challenges in setting clear training goals that align with your organization's mission

We’ve got your back!

Discover a Transformative Solution: Building a Training Program Roadmap

Building A Training Program is a comprehensive course that will teach you how to create your own training program for your facility or nonprofit.

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Chapter 1 Assessing your team

Lesson 1:  What is your purpose

Lesson 2: How big is your team

Lesson 3: What is the learning history of your animals

Lesson 4: What are management's priorities

Chapter 2 Providing Structure

Lesson 1: Creating blocks

Lesson 2: Training systems and shaping plans

Lesson 3: Strengths inside the team (primary v secondary, how many handlers per bird)

Lesson 4: Checking off

Chapter 3 Setting Goals and Priorities

Lesson 1: There's never enough time

Lesson 2: What is the priority

Lesson 3: How to set a goal (assess animal and priorities - ie teton sawhet how to remove a bird from roster, deal with old volunteers, reverse engineer)

Lesson 4: Short term v Long term goals

Chapter 4 Creating Feedback Loops

Lesson 1: Creating a safe and supportive space

Lesson 2: How many trainers on a bird

Lesson 3: Videoing

Lesson 4: Husbandry is training

Chapter 5 Record Keeping and Resources

Lesson 1: What is your system

Lesson 2: Keeping language consistent

Lesson 3: Honesty communication and safe spaces

Lesson 4: Behavior and antecedent arrangement

Chapter 6 Creating Progress

Lesson 1: Creating mastery

Lesson 2: Forward is the only way

Lesson 3: Post mortem discussions

You'll have access to a suite of training goodies in this Masterclass.


Our multi-media lessons show students the exact steps we take in chronological order.


Access to worksheets to help you work through your unique situation with the information you learn in each lesson.


Discover how to maximize your team's efficiency, enhance animal well-being, and achieve your goals.




* Lessons including step by step training

* Downloadable worksheets so you can work through your specific issues

About your instructor

Hillary Hankey

Hillary Hankey is a world renowned professional bird trainer, behavior consultant, and falconer. For over 20 years, she has worked at and consulted for zoos and educational facilities to help bring adventurous and intimate animal encounters to guests all over the world. 

In 2013, Hillary founded Avian Behavior International, a bird training and education organization, located on 22 acres in San Diego, California. Hillary spends her days analyzing, studying and practicing the art and science of animal training with a diverse collection of birds in Southern California, while also passionately raising awareness and funds for critical conservation challenges around the planet.

With a goal of helping to strengthen the connection between animals and the humans that care for them with the most progressive, positive, and constructional techniques, Hillary offers numerous in person workshops, online courses, and is also the founder of The Avian Behavior Lab, where she offers online training tutorials and guidance for animal lovers of all levels.

The importance of knowing where your animal behavior information comes from cannot be understated. The experience here at Avian Behavior Lab comes from Founder Hillary Hankey's years as a professional behavior consultant for zoos and companion animal owners around the world, managing a training organization, and living with and training animals just like yours.

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