Welcome to the Avian Behavior Lab

Building a Training Program

Are you a facility owner or part of a non-profit organization in the field of animal care? Do you want to maximize your team's efficiency, enhance animal well-being, and achieve your goals?
We want to help you revolutionize your animal care facility with effective training strategies.

Building A Training Program is a comprehensive course that will teach you how to create your own training program for your facility or nonprofit.

  • Transform your skills through structured, accountable learning
  • Accelerate your progress by learning the insider expert secrets
  • Grow beyond your current level by learning tried and validated methods of putting together a successful training program.
  • Develop a new perspective to expand your view of your organization.


We want to show you what is possible when you have an experienced professional guiding you along your journey.

Chapter 1: Assessing Your Team

Taking in data is the first part of every good training program. While this may seem tedious, we know from valuable experience that work on the front end saves valuable time and frustration by providing structure and insight.

Chapter 2: How to Create Structure

Adding structure to a training program isn’t synonymous with rigidity. Providing structure gives team members a clear understanding of expectations and how to spend their time and resources.

Chapter 3: How to Set Goals & Priorities

Setting goals is a familiar concept, but doing so in a training and behavior context can be tricky with an animal’s behavior as the goal. Let’s learn how to apply goal setting and priority analysis in an animal training paradigm.