Lesson 10: Troubleshooting


In this lesson we will go into detail on how to troubleshoot common issues that arise with an ambassador owl.

  • If you're seeing breeding behaviors (aggression in mews, breeding behavior on glove) try to arrange the mews differently or arrange your antecedents before starting the training session.
  • Practice behaviors in a place the bird is comfortable, and in a way the bird is comfortable (on the ground or on a table)
  • The crate should be the appropriate size for the bird, perch or no perch in crate depends on the bird – usually owls don’t have a perch in their crate
  • Altering a birds weight should be the last step you take – fluctuating a birds weight too much can have extremely bad effects on their mental and physiological state.
  • If you are using a lure to get a bird down from a high perch, it is important that you follow through and offer them a large reward for coming down. Tricking a bird by showing a lure then removing it when they come down may work once or twice but over time the bird will learn not to come down.