Lesson 2: The Crucial Details of Transportation and Arrival


In this lesson, we cover options for transporting birds of prey and how we prepare the owl for the transition. These little details can make a big impact on the transition for your bird

As mentioned in the lesson, we have made calculated decisions on this small but important detail of how to get our young owl to us and at what age. For some species, it’s not a make or break detail, but for others, it has made a huge impact on our training and socialization.

We took in a barn owl that was captive hatched and raised in the same way every other barn owl we have acquired. For whatever reason, this one took the transition in a way that it wasn’t terrified, but it wasn’t the same pleasurable experience to train, and it took a lot longer for us to have the same results as we did with the previous ones. His upbringing was exactly the same, and we don’t know why he was more sensitive. His training was painstaking and incremental. For this reason, we have renewed respect for the early beginnings and transitions of owls.