Lesson 4: A Deep Dive into Habituation and Conditioning


This lesson goes in to great detail in to how we socialize and condition our ambassador owls into a life of education work, and why we chose the methods we do.

Note that enrichment has the potential to be dangerous – our raptor enrichment is pre-approved by a supervisor and all animals are monitored closely to avoid incident or injury.

Safety is top priority for us, we pick the locations of these early outings wisely. We start by sticking with quiet places with minimal people, and that sometimes means starting in a small room.

Ripley already had history in her crate riding in a vehicle so this step was not as important in her early learning. We have encountered issues with Ripley getting car sick when she is fed too close to our road trips. This is actually common with owls, and adjusting the time they are fed will help.

Habituation, conditioning, and systematic desensitization are all scientific concepts. Stay tuned to our blog and resources section for even more on these definitions.

Let's put all of the pieces together with implementing these steps into your training!

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