Lesson 6: Program Behaviors


In this lesson we will review how to prepare you owl for a variety of program behaviors.

  • We noticed that Ripley had a little trouble flying to a "midway" distance (about two feet) perhaps because it was hard for her to gauge the distance. Since she struggled with middle step in training of a "hop/flight" we began to skip it and stick with a farther distance for her to fly. Once we did that her response time was quicker!
  • We will not be offering tips in training birds for free flight in any of our courses, but we will take you through indoor flights and outdoor creance flights.
  • There are many resources to find the appropriate size and material for raptor equipment. Using the wrong material could be dangerous. It could break, the bird may consume it, or it could cause injury to the bird. The same goes for having the correct size equipment. if the anklets are too tight they can cut off circulation to the foot and cause serious injury. too big of anklets or grommets could cause your bird to get their talon stuck or they could get stuck on perching or anything else. the correct sized anklet should fit so you can turn it all the way around on the birds ankle comfortably. we always say measure twice, cut once.keep in mind, thinner leather will have a tendency to stretch out over time. you should also keep in mind the environment your owl is going to be living in. the weather and day to day activities can wear down some leather faster than others.
  • Behavior breakdowns can be caused by any number of things. Taking a step back and talking with your team may help you identify the issue!

    Remember, don't be too hard on yourself! These training struggles happen to all of us.