Lesson 7: Using a Creance with Raptors


In this lesson we will review how to use a creance with raptors safely.

  • Anytime you have a bird on creance your team should be laser focused on the task at hand. In these sessions things can go wrong fast so keep your eyes on the bird, and always communicate!
  • While flying a bird on creance, you should be behaving as if the creance is not there. That way you are practicing the alertness needed for free flight and you are prepared for any outcome.
  • There are many options for in person mentors – finding a qualified free flight contractor that can join your team on site is essential for success.
  • Remember, you do not want your bird to rehearse flying off while on creance. If your bird does fly off and need to be checked more than once while on creance, consider making changes to your future sessions. Whether it is length of session, the location of the session, time of day or another variable – this will help you prevent these rehearsed fly off patterns.

    You should also watch for behavioral precursors to a fly off, that way you can hopefully prevent it before it happens.
  • Free flying birds is very complex, this is why we do not advise attempting it if you do not have a staff with a strong background in free flight training. Please proceed with caution if you decide to pursue this intense form of training.