Using Non-Coercive Negative Reinforcement


Course Overview:

Let’s do it! Let’s talk about how to use non-coercive negative reinforcement to enhance control and progress our skills in as many ways possible as trainers. In this course, we go BIG on the when’s and how’s of using non-coercive negative reinforcement. We talk about what makes it different than systematic desensitization and counter conditioning, when we recognize best practices of use it, how to recognize an avoidance contingency, and how we also pair it with positive reinforcement. We touch on Constructional Aggression Treatment, and there will be more. We show how helps reduce fear, biting, and aggression. We also discuss in Lesson 4 all about what the detractors say and why we still think this is a good tool. This course is pretty in depth, and we want to hear from you! Time to stretch our brains