Teach Your Bird to Play


Course Overview:

If your bird doesn’t know how to play, has difficulty engaging with enrichment, screams from boredom, destroys its feathers, every time you leave the room, or even if you turn your head, this is the course for you! Learn how to keep your bird busy starting with foraging.

This course is designed to teach your bird how to stay busy by learning to play with toys. Your bird may only know how to play with some toys or none at all. We want to expand their repertoire so that they engage in mutually beneficial behaviors. This reduces the amount of time and energy that they have to focus on problem behaviors, like screaming and feather destructive behaviors.You can teach a bird of any age how to engage in its enrichment. We are started with foraging behaviors because these activate natural and the most instantly reinforcing play. We make the foraging behavior more challenging so that the bird has to engage in more complex behavior, thereby shaping play! Once your bird has learned some of these fundamentals, the stage is set for even more engagement, and the limit is your imagination.

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