Learn how to crate train your bird - keep them safe, transport them easily, and be prepared for emergencies.

"This is one of the most important skills you can learn to keep your bird safe."
- Hillary Hankey


Training your bird to voluntarily go into a crate helps to keep your bird safe and calm - even in an emergency - and helps you maintain a healthy relationship with your bird.

Stressful interactions can have a measurable impact on your relationship and your bird’s health. Crating for car rides can set up an unpleasant relationship with that activity for your birds. Parrots are so smart they pick up on all of these cues after just a couple of repetitions, and soon the entire episode from start to finish dumps unhealthy stress hormones in their bodies for days afterward.

We can turn that extreme negative into a huge positive by training a mutually beneficial interaction.

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    The Crate Like A Caracara challenge will help you build positive changes,
    and make progress by:

    👉 Crate Set Up & Modifications: Crate design and set up is just as important as training the behavior itself. We want to keep our birds safe and comfortable when riding in the crate.

    👉 Training Crating Behavior: Crate training can be an important behavior to train your bird. This lesson focuses on all the different parts that go into training your animal to voluntarily crate.

    👉 Add Movement to the Crate:  Now that your bird is comfortable with being in the crate, we can slowly start to add movement to the crate with them in it. This can be a big step for some birds! 

    👉 What to do If Your Bird Won't Crate: One of the scariest moments in animal training is when your animal won’t crate when you need them too! We have been there and we have put together some troubleshooting tips and tricks to try when your bird won’t crate.

    This video of our Caracara went viral on Instagram!

    With millions of views, the primary comment we got was how fast she went back into the crate!

    "I can't express enough how grateful I am for Hillary's help with my bird's food bowl aggression! Learning about the functional consequences behind my parrot's behavior was eye-opening. Hillary taught me how to handle food bowl aggression effectively using positive methods. I no longer dread mealtimes; they are a joyous experience."

    Sarah L.


    It's easy to get overwhelmed when your bird won't listen to you or get into their crate when you're trying to keep them safe.

    But with a little commitment and the right mindset and tools, you can help learn calm behavior around the crate in 5-10 minutes a day! 

    "I didn't think I could get Ripley to listen to me! But after following your prompts, it worked! Success! Thank you for all you do!"

    Anne B.


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    About your instructor

    Hillary Hankey

    Hillary Hankey is a world renowned professional bird trainer, behavior consultant, and falconer. For over 20 years, she has worked at and consulted for zoos and educational facilities to help bring adventurous and intimate animal encounters to guests all over the world. 

    In 2013, Hillary founded Avian Behavior International, a bird training and education organization, located on 22 acres in San Diego, California. Hillary spends her days analyzing, studying and practicing the art and science of animal training with a diverse collection of birds in Southern California, while also passionately raising awareness and funds for critical conservation challenges around the planet.

    With a goal of helping to strengthen the connection between animals and the humans that care for them with the most progressive, positive, and constructional techniques, Hillary offers numerous in person workshops, online courses, and is also the founder of The Avian Behavior Lab, where she offers online training tutorials and guidance for animal lovers of all levels.

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