Welcome to the Avian Behavior Lab

Flight Path Guided Learning System

This guided learning journey consists of 9 levels, each with specific courses designed to advance your training skills and knowledge. Each course will teach you specific techniques and concepts using detailed, in-depth video tutorials.

Earn your wings from fledgling to eagle! With Flight Path, you will be able to:

  • Transform your skills through structured, accountable learning
  • Accelerate your progress through levels that set challenging but achievable goals
  • Grow beyond your current level by learning science-based principles and training fundamentals
  • Develop a new understanding of communication with your bird

level 1

Step by step instructions for problem solving, force free husbandry procedures, and ambassador training. Start by clicking the button below.

level 2

You have worked with parrots or other species of birds for a little bit and want to pick up skills to solve and prevent minor behavior problems.

level 3

You are comfortable around animals but are used to working with them without a scientific background and want to get familiar with the terminology.

level 4

You enjoy training animals on a daily basis and want to make sure you are practicing the right techniques to ensure proper progress.

level 5

You have the nuts and bolts of operant conditioning down and want to explore more progressive techniques with the animals in your care.

level 6

You have a challenging new animal to train that comes with baggage and need to level up your understanding of behavior and explore non-linear analysis.

level 7

You are teaching other animal care givers about animal training through behavior science and want to make sure you have a firm grasp of the nuances to solve behavior problems and achieve success.

level 8

As an animal care and training expert, you are adding more skills to your toolbox and broadening your understanding of natural behavior, interpretive, and leadership skills.

level 9

You are confident with behavior science and working with a wide variety of species, and you are always on the hunt for new training technologies, expanding your mind, and connecting with other animal training and behavior nerds..