Stop unwanted biting and problem behaviors while you strengthen your communication with your bird!

"This was SO EASY when your broke it down like this! I never would have thought Scout would go into his cage by himself but it took him about 6 minutes to successfully complete the task. He used my arm and stepped up on it to "help" him go into his cage without showing any fear or hesitation."
- Liv M.

Does your bird listen to you? Go home when you tell them to?

Every time you communicate with your bird - whether you are aware of it or not - you are building habitual behaviors (both good and bad).

This means things like biting and problem behaviors could be strengthened by what you are doing or not doing.

The Go Home challenge will help you build positive changes, find progress with reinforcing, and create stability for your bird.

"Look at my clever boy go! If you told me back in April that he would be able to go in his cage without drawing blood, I would have been shocked!"

Liv M.


It's easy to get overwhelmed when your bird won't listen to you or turns to biting and screaming, and other problem behaviors.

But with a little commitment and the right mindset and tools, you can train your bird to go home on cue with just 5-10 minutes a day! 

"I didn't think I could get Ripley to listen to me! But after following your prompts, it worked! Success! Thank you for all you do!"

Anne B.


Everyday, you will receive a challenge email, detailing the day's lesson and steps you need to do to complete the lesson.

There is a FREE dedicated Facebook group too! You'll have the opportunity to join Facebook Live video sessions, ask questions, and post your progress while interacting with a supportive community.

About your instructor

Hillary Hankey

Hillary Hankey is a world renowned professional bird trainer, behavior consultant, and falconer. For over 20 years, she has worked at and consulted for zoos and educational facilities to help bring adventurous and intimate animal encounters to guests all over the world. 

In 2013, Hillary founded Avian Behavior International, a bird training and education organization, located on 22 acres in San Diego, California. Hillary spends her days analyzing, studying and practicing the art and science of animal training with a diverse collection of birds in Southern California, while also passionately raising awareness and funds for critical conservation challenges around the planet.

With a goal of helping to strengthen the connection between animals and the humans that care for them with the most progressive, positive, and constructional techniques, Hillary offers numerous in person workshops, online courses, and is also the founder of The Avian Behavior Lab, where she offers online training tutorials and guidance for animal lovers of all levels.

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