Welcome to the Avian Behavior Lab 

Learning Pathways

This guided learning journey consists of 6 different categories, with specific courses designed to advance your training skills and knowledge in your specified area of interest. Each course will teach you specific techniques and concepts using detailed, in-depth video tutorials. 

Earn points and badges throughout the learning process to keep you motivated and accountable

Earn your wings from in the areas you want to work on. With Learning Pathways you will be able to: 

  • Transform your skills through structured, accountable learning
  • Accelerate your progress with specialized courses in your area of interest
  • Grow beyond your current level by learning science-based principles and training fundamentals
  • Develop a new understanding of communication with your bird
  • Earn badges for completion of every category


Take a deep dive into the subject of your choice.
Each Pathway contains complete, step-by-step courses to get you from the basics to proficiency in the most direct way possible.