Not all animals have the flawless start to their career as conservation ambassadors that we wish. Learn how we work with animals of various backgrounds and how we assess their skills.

While some trainers might think of them as the "wrong tool for the job" and find an exhibit or aviary for them to live, imperfect ambassadors may still have a role in education presentations.

This Masterclass follows our journey with Toco Toucan Chiquita as we assess her skills and needs, progress through a few starts and stops, and use our foundation of positive reinforcement to build her toolbox of behaviors so that she can continue to make a positive impact on a growing audience.

You'll have access to a suite of training goodies in this Masterclass.


Our multi-media lessons show students the exact steps we take in chronological order.


Access to a designated community forum for discussion.


Scheduled Q&A calls for direct feedback.

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Discover some of the most progressive, positive reinforcement based methods to bringing out the potential in the ambassador animal in front of you.


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Do these methods work for every animal?

No, we don't guarantee any particular result for any individual. We can help guide you to make decisions for your particular

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From articles to courses, live classes and Q&A's, this community is all about sharing in as many ways as we can to provide you with tools to maximize you and your animal’s potential.


The community forum has dozens of topics that offer you a wonderful medium to ask questions and follow along other members' journeys as we explore our training pathways.


Unlike social media platforms, our community is carefully moderated by paid positive reinforcement trained professionals who strongly believe in the best way to level up each of us. By setting an example of honest communication, integrity, and accountability, you can be assured that there is no such thing as a stupid question and there is no tolerance for bullying.

I just wanted to thank Hillary and her team for the wonderful webinar on "Progressive Problem Solving in Ambassador Birds". Hillary is a great instructor and trainer and the topics covered were absolutely applicable to my ambassador bird training activities. It also provided me with an opportunity to ask specific questions about current training issues and get her recommendations and suggested solutions to problems. I became an instant fan of the Avian Behavior Laboratory, enrolled in a premium membership and look forward to working with a community that shares training information, lessons learned and is a safe environment to admit mistakes and learn. I love the focus on bird welfare and positive reinforcement. Training our ambassador owls, falcons and hawks has become a passion for me and it’s nice to know that I am not alone and can call on team experts when I need help. I highly recommend Hillary and the Avian Behavior Laboratory to anyone passionate about animal training.

Richard J., Wildlife Rehabber

The importance of knowing where your animal behavior information comes from cannot be understated. The experience here at Avian Behavior Lab comes from years as a professional behavior consultant for zoos and companion animal owners around the world, managing a training organization, and living with and training animals just like you.

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