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how to raise an ambassador owl

Learn how to raise and train a conservation ambassador to spread connections for critical preservation challenges.

Raising and training conservation ambassadors for a life in the public eye is no easy task. The animal needs to represent its species, the plight of its environment and resources, provide connections with challenges near and far, all while exhibiting natural behaviors in a wide variety of conditions.

Owls can offer unique challenges to animal trainers based on their natural history. Early socialization and positive reinforcement training makes a huge difference in their success as education ambassadors.

This Masterclass will take you on our journey as we raise and train our Spectacled Owl, Ripley for our education programs.

Lesson 1: Husbandry and its Role in Early Training
Lesson 2: Crucial Details: Transportation and Early Arrival
Lesson 3: Early Training with Your Ambassador Owl
Lesson 4: A Deep Dive into Habituation and Conditioning
Lesson 5: Glove Training
Lesson 6: Program Behaviors
Lesson 7: Using the Creance
Lesson 8: Progressive Weight Management Paradigm
Lesson 9: Training the Glove Bird of Prey
Lesson 10: Trouble Shooting

You’ll have access to a suite of training goodies in this Masterclass.

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Live Q&A's

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Discover some of the most progressive, positive reinforcement based methods to training an owl for a life of professional conservation education to promote the preservation of biodiversity.




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Do I need experience with raptors to take this Masterclass?

It is highly recommended that you have experience with owls and raptors and understand their basic husbandry needs. This Masterclass does not cover that. If you wish to take this course in preparation for training an owl for educational purposes, we congratulate you on your preparation and will do everything we can to support you on your journey.

In many states and areas of the world, you do need to have permits and demonstrated experience and understanding of husbandry and basic health and wellness to have a raptor in your care.

This course does not cover raptor husbandry and any questions of such will be directed to other sources.

Does this Masterclass teach free flight?

We will be teaching the class right up through creance training. Free flight training is very risky and highly individual to your experience level and training environment. We strongly recommend having an in-person mentor when training free flight.

Is this class for pet owls?

This Masterclass covers raising and training owls for professional conservation education purposes. We do not condone the keeping of owls as pets as they do not make good pets, and in many areas it is not legal. All of our owls have permits for education under state and federal permitting regulations.

Is this free for members?

Basic Members get a 15% discount and Premium Members get a 25% discount.

Will I have access to all the lessons at once?

It depends on when you purchase the Masterclass. As of the Summer of 2019, we are just starting our training journey with Ripley, so you will be following in real time. Lessons and videos will be added gradually, and the Masterclass will expire for registrations in December of 2019. It will re-open for registration in 2020.

Does this Masterclass cover all species of owls?

This class focuses on our training journey with Ripley, the spectacled owlet. We have worked with several species of owls and are using our comprehensive experience to prepare her for a life of service to raptor and habitat conservation. We are confident that our work with her and other owls will help us guide others on their paths, as well.