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Pig Perfect

Pig training makes for an excellent model for all kinds of animal training, exotic and domestic. Watch Dorothy’s progress from shy piglet to confident young pig.

Training a pig is no easy task. They are incredibly smart and can be very sensitive. Dorothy the pot-bellied pig cross came to us as a shy ten week old piglet and we have been working with her with positive reinforcement to build her confidence and trust in her trainers.

Pigs have some remarkable qualities that allow for fast learning and are a great model for training many species. Follow along Dorothy’s learning journey, learn how we navigate challenges and decide when to move forward and when to take a step back.

This masterclass will open in october 2020

You’ll have access to a suite of training goodies in this Masterclass.

Video lessons

Watch our video lessons that show Dorothy’s sessions step-by-step

Community Forum

Access to a designated community forum for discussion.

Live Q&A's

Scheduled Q&A calls for direct feedback.

Discover how the power of positive reinforcement training allows both trainer and student to achieve results they never thought possible.



  • Lessons including step by step training
  • Teacher’s notes
  • How to’s and why nots
  • Access to a class-specific community forum
  • Regularly scheduled Q&A calls
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