Fundamentals of Animal Training

Bird training is complex – and unfortunately, most people skip over the essential fundamentals when they launch into training their bird. In fact, most
“experts” don’t teach the fundamentals because they “assume” it is understood.

But in fact, without the fundamentals, building a relationship and communicating with your bird is near impossible.

The Fundamentals of Animal Training guides you through a step-by-step process of identifying what is maintaining your bird’s behavior so that you can understand what will help you decode your animal companion’s needs.

Simply put, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Training starts before you ever even have (or need!) a treat bag and a target stick, and sometimes we get hung up on the small focus on the behavior equation, like the ABCs of behavior. Or conversely, we bring our own moral values and emotional luggage to the interactions. It’s hard not to!

The Fundamentals of Animal Training Course breaks down how to use the right amount of behavioral science and the right amount of human perspective so that you don’t feel stuck at the same point in your training process over and over.

In this course you will learn those seemingly basic fundamentals that will change the game for you. after learning this you will be able to:

– Teach your bird successfully

– Gain a closer relationship with your bird

Let’s face it, learning any skill starts at the beginning – building a solid foundation which will be the core of your bird training experience the more you grow.

Discover how to go from ground zero – an untrained bird – to finished behavior and how we focus our mindset before we ever grab our training treats.

This course looks beyond just training and helps you look at all the components of the environment for sustainable success

Introduction: Common pitfalls and mindset trapsLesson 2: Teaching versus TrainingLesson 3: The Anatomy of BehaviorLesson 4: How to Train a Behavior – Step by StepLesson 5: Troubleshooting – What to Look for and Where to Go Next

Learn the Fundamentals of Training and move forward in your bird training journey!

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