Learn in real time, how to raise and train a conservation ambassador to spread connections for critical preservation challenges.

Hillary raised our barn owl for us. He is hands down the best ambassador we have had. We can take him anywhere and he is completely comfortable and always makes us look good.” Joan E.

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    Raising and training conservation ambassadors for a life in the public eye is no easy task. The animal needs to represent its species, the plight of its environment and resources, and provide connections with challenges near and far, all while exhibiting natural behaviors in a wide variety of conditions.

    Do these common problems in raising

    an ambassador owl sound familiar?

    - What are the steps to take when you get a new ambassador owl? 

    - You have a free lofted owl that you didn't hand raise, and now are unable to get close to them to train with jesses?

    - You acquired a nervous owl and want to know how to use a science-based approach to gain their trust?

    - Had an unplanned interruption in your training and now feel like you are starting over from the beginning?

    - Wondering how to crate train an ambassador owl that has never been crated?

    This is your chance to TRAIN WITH ME LIVE - in real time - as I raise and train our newest ambassador - an Eastern Screech Owl. 

    Owls can offer unique challenges to animal trainers based on their natural history. Early socialization and positive reinforcement training makes a huge difference in their success as education ambassadors.

    Train with me LIVE - with live stream sessions and weekly mentorship calls - and by the end of the mentorship, you will learn: 

    - How to build trust to the glove and avoid hidden trust-destroying practices

    - Shaping plans for first programs

    - How to transition to mews without backtracking in training

    - Get access to our goal planning sheets for hitting major milestones

    - What to do when you start seeing fear or avoidance, and how to recover from setbacks

    This mentorship opportunity will include:

    - Access to all of our live-stream training sessions so you can train alongside us

    - Weekly mentorship sessions to troubleshoot your individual situations

    - Unlimited QA support during the program

    How is this mentorship different than a course?

    Learning through a course helps you learn WHAT to do.

    The Owl Mentorship gives you the opportunity to see HOW we solve problems. This will help you learn WHY we do what we do, so you are better equipped to solve your own unique situations.


    Train alongside us - you'll have access to all of our live trainings as we record our daily work with our baby owl.


    Access to a private group for discussion.

    LIVE Q&A'S

    Scheduled Q&A calls for direct feedback.


    Discover some of the most progressive, positive reinforcement based methods to training an owl for a life of professional conservation education to promote the preservation of biodiversity.


    Single Payment

    $500 one time

    * Access to a class-specific community forum

    * Regularly scheduled Q&A calls

    Have questions?

    Here are some of our commonly asked questions.

    Do I need experience with raptors?

    It is highly recommended that you have experience with owls and raptors and understand their basic husbandry needs. If you wish to take this course in preparation for training an owl for educational purposes, we congratulate you on your preparation and will do everything we can to support you on your journey.

    In many states and areas of the world, you do need to have permits and demonstrated experience and understanding of husbandry and basic health and wellness to have a raptor in your care.

    Is this class for pet owls?

    The mentorship covers raising and training owls for professional conservation education purposes. We do not condone the keeping of owls as pets as they do not make good pets, and in many areas it is not legal. All of our owls have permits for education under state and federal permitting regulations.

    Would this be appropriate for trainers with parent raise owl ambassadors?

    This mentorship will follow closely with a hand-raised owl’s progression from arrival in the new space to prepping for its first program. The subjects covered may not be closely applicable to parent-raised owls, but we will be offering a guided mentorship class that suits your needs better in the near future!

    Is this free for members?

    Basic Members get a 15% discount and Premium Members get a 25% discount.

    I was fortunate to attend a five-day workshop at Avian Behavior International earlier this year. The instructors were educated, compassionate and skilled animal professionals, and excellent educators. It was the perfect setting to work on/acquire new skills in a safe, supportive environment. It's also a unique opportunity to work with a wide variety of bird species and hoofstock. I look forward to attending many more ABI workshops in the future!

    Jennifer M. P., Canine Behavior Science

    The importance of knowing where your animal behavior information comes from cannot be understated. The experience here at Avian Behavior Lab comes from years as a professional behavior consultant for zoos and companion animal owners around the world, managing a training organization, and living with and training animals just like you.

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