Parrot Behavior Transformation Online Clinic

Solve your most challenging parrot behavior and training issues once and for all!

"Thank you for teaching me how to understand my bird!
Your teachings changed my relationship with my bird."
- Sharon K.

What if you could learn the step-by-step principles for helping you solve your most challenging parrot behavior and training issues?

Welcome to the ultimate solution for all your parrot behavior and training problems!

Our Parrot Behavior Transformation Online Clinic is a personalized mentorship and coaching program designed to help you and your parrot overcome any issue you may be facing, from aggression and feather plucking to screaming and nest-seeking behaviors.

You not only deal with the behavior of our parrot but the human side of things.


"My husband kept saying we would have to get rid of our bird. You not only dealt with the behavior of our parrot but the human side of things. No one else talks about that!"

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    This comprehensive program includes one live group training session and one personalized 1:1 coaching session for each person, for a total of 4 weeks of expert guidance and support. Work closely with world-renowned trainer, Hillary Hankey to understand your parrot's unique personality and behavior, and develop a customized training plan that suits their individual needs.

    During the live training session, you'll learn valuable techniques and strategies for overcoming common parrot behavior problems, and gain practical skills for building a stronger bond with your bird. You'll also have the opportunity to ask questions and get personalized feedback for your unique issue, ensuring that you feel confident and empowered to continue your parrot's training on your own

    In your personalized 1:1 coaching session, you'll receive individualized guidance and support from Hillary. We will work closely with you to address any specific issues you're facing, and provide personalized advice and training techniques to help you achieve your goals.

    By the end of our Transformation Clinic, you'll have the knowledge and skills you need to sustainably change your parrot's behavior and build a stronger, more positive relationship with your feathered friend. Whether you're a new parrot owner or an experienced bird enthusiast, our program is the ultimate solution for all your parrot training needs.

    Don't let behavior and training problems hold you and your parrot back. Sign up for our Parrot Behavior Transformation Online Clinic today and experience the transformative power of expert training and support!

    "I honestly can’t believe how well your methods worked with my Pearlie Umbie Cockatoo. Our family was tearing apart. I can’t thank you enough."

    Denise R.

    What's the difference between people who get results fixing their bird behavior and training problems and people that continue to struggle?

    Fixing your parrot's behavior problems is not just about having the right information. Along with evidence-based solutions, you must understand how to best communicate with your bird, build mutually beneficial skills, and achieve progress with consistency and guidance.

    Unfortunately, most people waste precious time struggling with bad advice they learned, have trouble staying consistent or just don’t know where to start.

    This is frustrating for both you and your bird and can set you back in your progress, in addition to having negative effects on your bird.

    Get the expert help you need so you can solve your parrot behavior problems once and for all!

    About your instructor

    Hillary Hankey

    Hillary Hankey is a world renowned professional bird trainer, behavior consultant, and falconer. For over 20 years, she has worked at and consulted for zoos and educational facilities to help bring adventurous and intimate animal encounters to guests all over the world. 

    In 2013, Hillary founded Avian Behavior International, a bird training and education organization, located on 22 acres in San Diego, California. Hillary spends her days analyzing, studying and practicing the art and science of animal training with a diverse collection of birds in Southern California, while also passionately raising awareness and funds for critical conservation challenges around the planet.

    With a goal of helping to strengthen the connection between animals and the humans that care for them with the most progressive, positive, and constructional techniques, Hillary offers numerous in person workshops, online courses, and is also the founder of The Avian Behavior Lab, where she offers online training tutorials and guidance for animal lovers of all levels.

    The Screaming Master Class is awesome! We're making some progress with over vocalization with an older male DYA.

    Christine K.

    ThE Parrot Behavior Transformation

    Online Clinic STARTS JUNE 5, 2023.

    Discover some of the most progressive, positive reinforcement and constructional training methods to solve your parrot behavior and training problems.


    Two Payments

    $800 2 payments

    Have questions?

    Here are some of our commonly asked questions.

    I've tried everything. How is this program different?

    This is a live training program so you will be able to work on your bird behavior and training problems in real time.With the 1:1 sessions, you will have four personalized coaching sessions with Hillary to help you move forward and address every situation you have.

    How long will it take to see results?

    Once you start applying the advice you will learn in each session, you should see results almost immediately. Keep in mind every situation is different, but with enough patience and commitment, you CAN solve every parrot situation.

    What makes you different than other trainers teaching the same thing?

    We specialize in avian behavior. Parrot issues are a response to some internal or external issue that is triggering that behavior. We have helped hundreds of people work through their parrot behavior and training problems.

    My parrot won't listen to me. What will this course teach me to change that?

    Sometimes our words and actions unintentionally reinforce bird behaviors, along with other environmental and human factors that make the situation worse. We will help you identify and work through that.

    Everybody teaches the same thing and none of it works for me.

    What makes this course different is you will also learn replacement skills for a constructional, non-linear approach in addition to topical solutions to your problems. This means zoning in on your unique parrot issues and deconstructing them so you are able to solve them.

    What if this program is not for me? Can I get a refund?

    While these methods do work, we understand that our style of teaching may not resonate with everyone. We offer a 7 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.



    In this webinar, you will learn how sleep, photoperiod and reproductive behavior aligned (or didn’t) and what other variables played a role in our parrots’ behavior based on where the parrots are indigenous. Latitude, weather patterns, food availability, and flock structure all play critical roles to this reproductive behavior, nesting hormone expression, and pair bonding in our care

    My husband kept saying we would have to get rid of our bird. You not only dealt with the behavior of our parrot, but the human side of things. No one else talks about that!

    Shay E.

    The importance of knowing where your animal behavior information comes from cannot be understated. The experience here at Avian Behavior Lab comes from Founder Hillary Hankey's years as a professional behavior consultant for zoos and companion animal owners around the world, managing a training organization, and living with and training animals just like yours.

    This course helped me not only gain better insight into my bird's behavior, but also helped me improve his overall environment and quality of life. The tips weren't some quick fix, but I saw consistent and progressive improvement in the screaming. This is definitely one course EVERY bird owner should take to better understand and improve the relationship with their bird!

    Ginny S.

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