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Here’s what you’ll get…

A membership is a special thing.  Our community is totally unique. We cover tough topics with an open mind. We don’t shy away from helping guide you to what is best for your unique situation, whether you are a parrot person, a smaller organization, or a trainer at a large facility. We want to provide for you a supportive, professional community that will guide you along your path.

Tools. From articles to courses, live classes and Q&A’s, this community is all about sharing in as many ways as we can to provide you with tools to maximize you and your animal’s potential. 

Support. The community forum has dozens of topics that offer you a wonderful medium to ask questions and follow along other members’ journeys as we explore our training pathways.

Safety. Unlike social media platforms, our community is carefully moderated by paid positive reinforcement trained professionals who strongly believe in the best way to level up each of us. By setting an example of honest communication, integrity, and accountability, you can be assured that there is no such thing as a stupid question and there is no tolerance for bullying.

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