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The Avian Behavior Podcast

Get ready to meet some of the minds that take our love and understanding of animals to enlightenment status

A bird brained podcast for the nerd brained

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Conversations include:

  • Parrot behavior and training
  • Avian nutrition and husbandry
  • Aviculture husbandry, breeding, and conservation
  • Problem solving with pets
  • Zoo training
  • Ambassador animal training
  • Falconry
  • Wild bird behavior (ethology)
  • Dog, equine, and cat training
  • Learning theory, the science of behavior, and operant conditioning
  • All things animals!
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Episode library

01: Scott Echols, DVM: Avian nutrition, foraging, behavior and healthspan

02: Katy McElroy: Cockatoo expert and long time aviculturist

03: Case Study: Larue the Crested Caracara and Fearful Behavior

04: Motivation Part 1: Companion Parrots

05: Motivation Part 2: Birds of Prey

06: How to Stop Your Parrot from Screaming When You Leave the Room

07: How to be an Expert Animal Trainer with Barbara Heidenreich

08: Three Hidden Reasons Your Parrot Bites

09: Imprint versus Parent Raised Ambassador Birds of Prey

10: Should You Add Another Parrot to Your Flock?

11: Raptor Q&A Part 1

12: Is Your Parrot Aggressive?

13: Bird Training Q&A Part 2

14: Case Studies in Trust Building with Parrots