I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend your workshop last fall. Not only did it give me the motivation to continue with my project, and some of the tools I needed to be a better trainer, but it is giving Wonder a better quality of life. I could not ask for anything more! As you know, birds that are not fit for release are not always fit to be education ambassadors. Wonder is showing us he responds to operant conditioning techniques and we are so excited to keep him in our program. Since last fall, he is now confidently targeting, stepping up on the glove, and allowing us to leash him (with more work to be done there). We're now starting the process of crate training and training him to get on the scale for weighing. This has been a long process and were not nearly complete, but it is so exciting to see/make the changes to have him in the best situation possible

Patricia K. A., PhD, CPBC, Premium Member

I have learned much from your webinars and the "classes" you put on the website. It makes me feel better that I am not alone in rearing our feathered babies with too much love and affection. Well, my 27 yr old Goffin still pulls out all her feathers but has reduced her screaming. Those are my two big issues with her. Sunny reduced her screaming at nite. Prior to this, she woke up about 10PM and screamed for 30 minutes. I ignored those screams but drove my mate crazy! Also, reduced her morning wake up screaming. Yay!

Gloria S., Basic Member

Prior to the Avian Behavior workshop I had no bird experience. Working with Hillary, her amazing guest trainers from around the country and amazing animals was a great experience. The content was easy to understand and we had tons of time to ask questions and join in on discussions about the covered topics. The training techniques can be used with all animals and has helped me train the many different animals on my ranch. Since the workshop I have also acquired two birds and have continued training with the techniques I learned there. I would highly recommend Avian Behavior for anyone interested in building a solid foundation in bird training.

Jason D., Owner, Janda Exotics Animal Ranch

My experience with Hillary Hankey and her expert Avian Behavior International colleagues and amazing animals was inspiring. Although I have studied the application of behavior science to animal behavior and training in many hands-on work-shops, I highly recommend Hillary Hankey and Avian Behavior International where you can learn, regardless of your level of skill, in a highly supportive and enriching multi-species environment set in the stunningly beautiful hills of Escondido, California.

Patricia K. A., PhD, CPBC

The ABI Training workshop was one of my favorite animal experiences of all time! Very well done, and very useful information delivered in a fun and interactive manner. Hillary and her team are a wealth of information on training and animal behavior. I would highly recommend the ABI Training Workshop to anyone that is interested in improving their animal training skills, working with unique species hands on, and having a blast all at once!

Paige D., Premium Member, World Bird Sanctuary

I was fortunate to attend a five-day workshop at Avian Behavior International earlier this year. The instructors were educated, compassionate and skilled animal professionals, and excellent educators. It was the perfect setting to work on/acquire new skills in a safe, supportive environment. It's also a unique opportunity to work with a wide variety of bird species and hoofstock. I look forward to attending many more ABI workshops in the future!

Jennifer M. P., Canine Behavior Science

I took Hillary's webinar on parrot hormones. She is a wonderful teacher clear, knowledgeable, and authentic. I learned so much and put into play the information she so generously shared. I had improvement in my birds behavior within one week. They are happier, I am happier, their diet has improved, their environment has improved and all of our quality of life has improved. I HIGHLY recommend this webinar she so generously make available here on her website. Thanks again, Hillary, for sharing your experience and knowledge.

Deb S., Premium Member, Pet Behavior Consultant

I just wanted to thank Hillary and her team for the wonderful webinar on "Progressive Problem Solving in Ambassador Birds". Hillary is a great instructor and trainer and the topics covered were absolutely applicable to my ambassador bird training activities. It also provided me with an opportunity to ask specific questions about current training issues and get her recommendations and suggested solutions to problems. I became an instant fan of the Avian Behavior Laboratory, enrolled in a premium membership and look forward to working with a community that shares training information, lessons learned and is a safe environment to admit mistakes and learn. I love the focus on bird welfare and positive reinforcement. Training our ambassador owls, falcons and hawks has become a passion for me and it's nice to know that I am not alone and can call on team experts when I need help. I highly recommend Hillary and the Avian Behavior Laboratory to anyone passionate about animal training.

Richard J., Wildlife Rehabber



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