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I am new to bird training and want to learn the essentials.

I want to start learning the science of behavior so I can optimize my bird's learning journey.

I want to keep my bird healthy and enriched.

I am in a leadership position where it is important for me to be able to teach people the differences and nuances from one situation to the next.

I want to learn how to start gain trust with birds of prey.

I want to understand how to train my bird to help me work through our behavior problems.

My birds are flighted and I need techniques to keep life stress free.

I need help with a screaming bird.

I want to learn how to handle my fearful and aggressive bird.

Some of the techniques I have learned have gotten me this far, but I need to learn new paradigms to go even further.

Walking the talk of behavior optimization is important to me no matter what species.

Learning progressive ways of managing my non-psittacine birds without rigid weight management protocols is important to me.