Unlock the Secrets to Transforming Your Parrot's Behavior

Are you facing challenges with an unhandleable parrot? Struggling with behavioral issues that seem insurmountable? 
Transform your bird's behavior so you can develop a stronger connection and deeper understanding with them.

"My husband kept saying we would have to get rid of our bird. You not only dealt with the behavior of our parrot but the human side of things. No one else talks about that!"
-Shay E.

If you're grappling with an unhandleable parrot, this course bundle is your compass in the uncharted waters of avian behavior.

It's not just about fixing behaviors; it's a journey of understanding and connection.

  • Discover the motivations behind your parrot's seemingly uncontrollable behavior, unraveling the mystery that goes beyond surface challenges. 
  • Learn the art of building trust, transforming step-up struggles into a graceful dance between you and your feathered companion.
  • Navigate through the chaos of getting your parrot back into their cage with effective cues and stress-free techniques, making "cage time" a harmonious experience.
  • In the midst of setbacks, learn to respond with purpose, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and understanding. 

This bundle isn't just an answer; it's your guide to transforming frustration into understanding and fostering a lifelong bond with your unhandleable parrot.

Get all of the answers you need in one course bundle -


Save yourself a TON of time and frustration with the Unhandleable Parrot Course Bundle.

For just $225 $95 you will learn:

- Decode the motivations behind unhandleable parrot behaviors.
- Master the art of step-up, transforming challenges into a graceful dance.
- Seamlessly guide your parrot back to their cage, turning stressful moments into harmonious routines.
- Navigate setbacks with purpose, transforming challenges into growth opportunities.
- Gain insights into transforming frustration into understanding for a lifelong bond.
- Access a comprehensive guide for tackling screaming, hormonal behaviors, playtime, and more.
- Discover effective strategies for handling incidents with unhandleable parrots.

- Acquire valuable skills to build trust and connection, fostering a positive relationship.

"I honestly can’t believe how well your methods worked with my Pearlie Umbie Cockatoo. Our family was tearing apart. I can’t thank you enough."

Denise R.

About your instructor

Hillary Hankey

Hillary Hankey is a world renowned professional bird trainer, behavior consultant, and falconer. For over 20 years, she has worked at and consulted for zoos and educational facilities to help bring adventurous and intimate animal encounters to guests all over the world. 

In 2013, Hillary founded Avian Behavior International, a bird training and education organization, located on 22 acres in San Diego, California. Hillary spends her days analyzing, studying and practicing the art and science of animal training with a diverse collection of birds in Southern California, while also passionately raising awareness and funds for critical conservation challenges around the planet.

With a goal of helping to strengthen the connection between animals and the humans that care for them with the most progressive, positive, and constructional techniques, Hillary offers numerous in person workshops, online courses, and is also the founder of The Avian Behavior Lab, where she offers online training tutorials and guidance for animal lovers of all levels.

"I have a rescue Moluccan that was an obsessive nighttime screamer. The info in this course changed the game for me immediately! I’m so relieved. Thank you!

Sarah F.

The Screaming Master Class is awesome! We're making some progress with over vocalization with an older male DYA.

Christine K.


The Unhandleable Parrot helps you understand and transform your parrot's "unhandleable" behavior.

Learn how to stop your parrot from attacking and help them overcome aggression.

 In this course, you will learn: 

- How to help your bird overcome fear

- How the environment plays into their behavior

- Building trust with your parrot

- How to build "hands off" behaviors

Teach Your Bird To Step Up On A T Stand course will help you create a positive and trust-filled interaction every time your bird steps up on a T stand.

In this course, you will discover:

  • Understanding the T Stand:
  • Building Trust through Positive Reinforcement
  • Step-by-Step Training Protocols
  • Improve Your Communication

Teach your bird the invaluable skill of returning to their cage with a simple cue. This course is your key to fostering a harmonious relationship and ensuring stress-free transitions for both you and your bird.

Bad incidents are part of life, and we all have them. This is a broad topic, and we cover what this process looks like in general terms, no matter what happened. 

This course speaks candidly about how these incidents happen, the stages to take for smooth recovery, and what we can learn to improve our responses in the future.

My husband kept saying we would have to get rid of our bird. You not only dealt with the behavior of our parrot, but the human side of things. No one else talks about that!

Shay E.

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Discover some of the most progressive, positive reinforcement and constructional training methods to stopping out of control parrot screaming for a peaceful life for you and your family.


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Single Payment

$225 $95

* Lessons including step by step training

* Teacher's notes

* Downloadable worksheets so you can work through your specific issues

Have questions?

Here are some of our commonly asked questions.

I've tried everything. How will this course bundle help me?

This course bundle focuses on the underlying behaviors causing parrot behavior challenges. Identifying why your parrot is having behavior problems in the first place then fixing the root of the issues - behavior, environment, building skills, and human interaction.

How long will it take to see results?

Once you start applying the solutions in this course, you should see results almost immediately. Keep in mind every situation is different, but with enough patience and commitment, you CAN stop the out of control screaming.

What makes you different than other trainers teaching the same thing?

We specialize in avian behavior and are considered the "gold standard" in bird training across the bird training world. We teach based on scientific principles combined with time-tested, real life scenarios so our methods are customizable to your unique situation. Parrot screaming is a response to some internal or external issue that is triggering that behavior. This course bundle will help you remove those issues so your parrot vocalization can go back to a baseline levels.

My parrot won't listen to me. What will this course teach me to change that?

Sometimes our words and actions unintentionally reinforce bird screaming, along with other environmental and human factors that make the situation worse. The more sensitive to sound you are, the more this unconscious reinforcement happens. This course will help you identify and change that. 

Additionally, some of the reasons behind our bird's screaming - such as hormones and sleep - are fixable by understanding how to manage those issues.

Everybody teaches the same thing and none of it works for me.

This course bundle does teach foundational skills that you may have already learned. But what makes this course different is you will also learn replacement skills for a constructional, non-linear approach in addition to topical solutions. This means zoning in on your unique parrot screaming issues and deconstructing them so you are able to solve it.

Will I have lifetime access to this masterclass?

Yes! Once you purchase the masterclass, you can rewatch it and return to it as many times as you wish.

What if this program is not for me? Can I get a refund?

While these methods do work, we understand that our style of teaching may not resonate with everyone. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

This course helped me not only gain better insight into my bird's behavior, but also helped me improve his overall environment and quality of life. The tips weren't some quick fix, but I saw consistent and progressive improvement in the screaming. This is definitely one course EVERY bird owner should take to better understand and improve the relationship with their bird!

Ginny S.

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